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Q: Do I need special equipment to open or read my eBook?

A: No special equipment, other than a computer with internet access and the latest

version of Adobe Reader is required to view your digital product. After opening and

saving your eBook, an internet connection is no longer required. You may either

save the eBook to your computer, or to a removable device designed to store

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Q: Is the online payment process secure?

A: Absolutely. Your payment and personal information is processed and secured by We do not even see your method of payment details. We only receive

the email address to forward your digital product. So please ensure you enter the

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Q: Is this a scam?

A: Absolutely not, "I've worked too damn hard and my integrity is all good!" is the ONLY site authorized to distribute the (digital eBook version)

of the book, From Within I Rise by T.F. Hodge. No other site is authorized to distribute the

digital (eBook) version at this time. Once your order is processed and confirmed, your

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Q: Is the book, From Within I Rise – Spiritual Triumph over Death and

Conscious Encounters with 'The Divine Presence', available in printed

paperback form?

A: Yes. The official release date was January 23, 2010. Currently, the paperback version

can be obtained online at,, and or by request at your local book retailer.


Q: Are you the author of the book, From Within I Rise, and the digital

(eBook) version?

A: Yes. I (T.F. Hodge) am the author of the printed paperback and digital (eBook) title.


Q: Is this your first book?

A: Yes. From Within I Rise – Spiritual Triumph over Death and Conscious Encounters

with 'The Divine Presence' is my first publication.


Q: Are you planning on writing other books?

A: Absolutely! This is the first of many messages that will come from within.


Q: Did you actually write the book yourself, or was it 'ghost' written?

A: Yes. I actually wrote the book, From Within I Rise, with my own two hands. Even

if I could afford a 'ghost' writer, I would never use one. Writing is too personal for

me to allow anyone else to convey these messages from within.


Q: Do you 'ghost' write for others, and if not, would you?

A: Though it can be perceived as contradictory, I do recognize the value and need for

someone to hire a 'ghost' writer. Thus, I will happily consider 'ghost' writing opportunities

– on a case by case basis.


Q: Do you write articles or web content?

A: Yes. Check out the 'links' page to see samples. If you require web content for your

online website, send us a message to


Q: Do you make appearances or speak to audiences?

A: I have yet to make major (large) appearances, but I hope to begin one day, soon.

I have made numerous small appearances; mostly in class rooms, office, and

conference room settings. For bookings send inquiry to


Q: Can you be hired for personal/private consultations?

A: Yes. Among other things, I am a non-certified spiritual life coach. My credentials

are based, virtually, on my personal life experiences and spiritual journey. God (The

Divine Presence, Source, The Great One Spirit, Mother Nature and many elders) are my

teachers. Though I have studied at institutions, as well as independently, these are no

match for the rich life experiences that have taught me how to create a life of inner peace,

fulfillment, and prosperity! I am not a traditionally trained 'expert', but I have taught

so called 'experts' many things of great value by simply knowing what questions to

ask. We teach you how to tap into your inner wisdom and the abundance of greater

universal consciousness that is available to us all! We often incorporate sports and

exercise with our in-person training sessions. All private consultation requests are

confidential and considered on a case by case basis. Working with us, your values

and your character will be tested, your spirit will be powerfully enhanced, your ego

will be happily crushed, and your integrity will be positively celebrated!


Q: What sports or recreational activities did you participate or play in?

A: As a former amateur athlete, I played baseball for over twenty years; over five years

as a coach/skills trainer and games official. I began playing football at age six, and

played my last game in 1987 (over twelve years of amateur experience). I've

coached and trained for over six years. I played two years of organized basketball

and was an assistant coach/trainer for one year. I shot a perfect 300 game more than

once as a young, left handed, bowler in leagues and tournaments. As far as personal

recreation is concerned – these days I enjoy bike riding, swimming, tennis and golf.

Inspired during my boot-camp training with the Marine Corps, and my old

neighborhood martial arts gym, I learned a thing or two about self defense (hand-to-

hand combat, boxing basics, wrestling, weapons handling, and of course, martial

arts). I am fond of meditation, prayer, and plan to practice yoga and day.


Q: Do you still coach/train athletes?

A: On a case by case basis, yes. I prefer providing personal athletic skills & techniques

training over coaching/training/managing large groups. Whether amateur or pro,

enhancing your game, any game, is 10% physical and 90% mental. Your internal

[true] self is the master that commands the mental, which controls the physical. All

three elements must be utilized, in harmony, to put and keep you in the 'zone'! If you

think, say, listen to, or believe you cannot perform a particular athletic function; so

shall it be. The key to enhancing your athletic abilities is having the courage, faith

and confidence that you CAN do all things. With visualization, affirmation,

meditation, a positive attitude, prayer, practice, patience and determination – you

will succeed on the field of play and in the game of life! To discuss private athletic skills &

techniques training sessions send inquiries to


Q: Do you work with student/athletes?

A: Yes. I work with student/athletes, adult amateurs, recreational and pro athletes.

To discuss private athletic skills & techniques training sessions send inquiries to


Q: How long did you work for the Los Angeles Unified School District?

A: As a volunteer coach, trainer or tutor; I've worked over fifteen years on the behalf of

students and community schools. As a paid employee, my career began in 2001 and

ended in 2007. I began as a campus aid and served as the senior assistant to the

budget director, deputy chief and chief financial officer(s) – in the district's finance



Q: How long have you worked with students?

A: Either at park & recreation centers, group homes, schools, non-profit (private)

organizations, or private settings – over twenty years.


Q: What motivated you to write your book: From Within I Rise?

A: Love for self, humanity, nature and universal oneness with all that is. If my book

can positively influence and enhance the life of at least one single being, I am successful!


Q: If your book sells far beyond expectations, what will you do with your monetary reward(s)?

A: Good question. I plan to create the ultimate living environment that reflects my values,

dreams and desires. Moreover, I plan to also help those who seek, plan and work to

achieve their dreams during this age, time and space of creative expression – for the

fulfillment of divine purpose. In other words, I plan to do what Oprah does; give as I have

been given unto. 






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