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Social Protest: Those Who Occupy Wall Street and the Canvas of Institutions of Higher Learning

Posted on November 21, 2011 at 9:20 PM

“Grown men can learn from very little children, for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss.”  

~Black Elk (Native American Indian)


Certainly, most who are blessed with the opportunity to raise, teach, guide, protect and moreover (hopefully) learn from The Great Spirit’s gift of little souls, recognize the divine opportunity to be enlightened by their courageous acts – historically and even in recent days. Every social revolution, new idea, begins with the rebellious, well-founded, inspiring acts of young people. From the time they are able to speak, and certainly before that, to many of their idealistic protests on the grounds of college campuses – social change, for the benefit of the greater good, is like an asteroid headed to earth; fear precedes its inevitable impact and swift and uncomfortable rippling effect(s).


From the original [Boston] Tea Party colonists to the 99% - Occupy Wall Street protesting patriots, it is through younger generations such as these that social progress, by peaceful demonstration, is exhibited.

Peaceful demonstration is not a privilege, but a right of any free person regardless whether she or he requests or demands recognition of this absolute birthright, by any person or group of persons (organized or not). Every group that demands change in the face of obvious, or at least perceived, unequal and unfair treatment and inept political policies (regardless of whatever force is directing policy) ultimately, by virtue of their collective and united campaign for a just system, creates the necessary pressure to clear the socio-political landscape in favor of planting new seeds of social progress.


Let’s face it, every political system and social dynamic advances and shifts in order to remain relevant to those who must bear the burdens of their future(s) inheritance – the next generation. What is occurring, global protests and peaceful demonstrations throughout the world is consistent with [the] natural order of evolving systems. For any system to function properly and efficiently, it must be advanced and upgraded to accommodate an unavoidable shift in consciousness.


Those who dare to give their voice(s) to change, justice and fairness are often, if not always, vilified and despised by those who fear progress – even if progress is for the better or greater good of sustaining a natually evolving social system. Obviously, the perception of what is “better” is a relative term. But with regard to the distribution of resources, which have been coopted and corrupted by the appetite of greed, the majority of those (workers and laborers) who provide the fuel for any system of social technology and economy cannot deny the powerful innate sense of balance, fairness and justice. Therefore, exploitation, of any sort and in any form, will be regurgitated and rallied against until such a system of perceived wickedness is dispelled or at least well adjusted.


As the universe expands and the earth spins infinitely and factually, new generations of earth’s inheritors will have their say. And what they say, if we listen, may ring of the same sense of dignity that we all wish for self, if not for others.

As always, to better days and better ways!



T.F. Hodge, author of From Within I Rise

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