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The Stress of Getting Positive Things Accomplished in the Negative Thickness of Perceived Chaos

Posted on November 14, 2011 at 8:40 PM

At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don’t.  ~Andy Roddick


Not only at one point, but at many points throughout one’s journey do we realize, or not, the manifestation of desired outcomes. These various dreams deferred do or do not materialize as often or as quickly as we may wish them into being. Does this mean, however, that we cease imagining with greater creative focus? Hopefully, the answer within you is “no!”


Life’s routines and random interruptions seem to always get in the way of the ‘to-do list’, but these cannot become excuses for not persisting and contemplating new ways and means of establishing priorities. When we “really” want to have or do something, somehow, someway…we find or make a way to handle routine, as well as arbitrary distractions, and still manage to get the job done.


Recalling moments and times when major goals have been achieved, though the road was certainly challenging, determined souls find logical methods through perceptive madness. As we age and become inundated with “stuff” and “projects” and “people” and “predicaments”; that youthful energy can seem difficult to recapture. But although the natural stresses of life experience may be heavy, with disciplined time management skills and practice, that list of ‘must-do’s’ can be chipped away at.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many “things to do”, but when one begins to feel the weight of the world crushing the spirit of productivity and fulfillment, beyond routine tasks, it’s time to reinvent and recall that youthful energy that still waits to be summoned to action!

“Easier said than done”, you might say? Well looking for the easy route to any significant goal worth thinking about, with such vivid imagination, should require a substantial degree of effort; hasn’t it always?


The difference is the level of [thought] energy we give today versus what was easily transferred into action once upon a time. After school or homework and practice concluded, the energy-level and enthusiasm remained high. No doubt, exercise, diet, mental toughness and determination were, and still are, critical factors of dream fulfillment. So what must one do, first, to begin to reverse the tide of unfulfilled wishes?


To begin with, it is vital that a determination be made that personal time be implemented and honored by self and others around you (family, friends, etcetera). Even if for an hour each day, making the time to organize the perception of clouded chaos, physically and mentally, will immediately relieve a significant amount of stress. If it means putting a sign on the door indicating “busy” or “at work”, whatever it takes, do what is necessary to create the proper environment for focused attention to task.


Next, analyze and make necessary changes to dietary habits and start exercising for at least 10 to 20 minutes every other day, or each day. Never try to take on this process to heavily; begin small and progress as time passes and the energy builds naturally. And absolutely avoid grinding it all out as much as possible till exhaustion. The idea is to develop energy, gradually, over time.


But the most crucial adjustment that must be made is that of attitude.

If we begin with a salty attitude about what must be done, the task(s) immediately become overwhelming. For example, if I look at a book and begin to focus on [the] hundreds of pages to read, I instantly create a wall – a huge “negative” obstacle of which I’m likely to find some reason or excuse for not absorbing. But, if I simply read one sentence, one paragraph and one page at a time, consistently, ultimately I will find the material satisfying. You get the point, I’m sure.


We all do what we “must” when we feel like doing what must be done (positive action). And we don’t do what we feel like doing when we determine other “things” must be done, instead (negative non-action). There’s always time, choice and opportunity and, simultaneously, there’s also plenty of reasons to erect or allow detours of distraction(s). Which aspect are you controlling or is controlling you?

T.F. Hodge, author of From Within I Rise

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