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Giving and Getting: A Time of Economic Uncertainty and Opportunity for Thankfulness and Gratitude

Posted on November 8, 2011 at 8:35 PM

The world is filled with not only multitudes of blessings, but as many pot holes and pitfalls as well. I often wonder, however, how many of us are mindful and thankful for blessings and good times and good circumstances. Do we recognize and give thanks only when times are good, or when good things occur, or do we remember humility when the road is troubled? I suspect, considering the current (seemingly) chaotic state of western world economic conditions, that perhaps now is the time to be more thankful than ever.


It’s no accident that natural balance, after seasons of harvesting without sowing or replanting, must and always be reestablished. Before the stress of economic hardship became a stark reality for most families, there were signs and warnings. The getting was getting even better, it seemed, until one day the reality of the consequences of greedy action(s), for more and more and more, overshadowed the fundamental act of giving. The world has been taking and wasting natural resources without thought or consideration of the consequences of unnatural exploitation.


Certainly the one percent (1%) of ‘haves’ shoulder much responsibility for helping create global economic turmoil, by duping 99% of the ‘have-nots’. But until hard times finally hit home, no one seemed to care much about the plight or conditions of those who live in the 'real' world of global poverty – the very poor and often maligned.


How many of us can say that we are thankful to be giving, or for the opportunity to do so? There’s a national American holiday, Thanksgiving, that’s just days away from capturing the attention and imagination of many.

Whether it be things, time or deeds:  What are we and what will we be thankful to have given? Or, will we continue being thankful, only, for what has been given unto us? In spite of economic terror, the spirit of ‘GOoDness’ will always prevail.


So during this season of “giving” and “thanks”, perhaps it would do a world of good to give more, rather than look to getting and giving less. Earth’s natural supply of resources is, and will forever be, plentiful. How we cultivate and align ourselves with the natural flow of planting, cultivating and harvesting (appropriately or inappropriately) will determine how natural forces yield to a planet of blood-suckers or one populated with the heart of thanks and giving. Whatever course of action(s) we choose, it will certainly be reciprocated...according to natural law!



T.F. Hodge, author of From Within I Rise

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