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While fear depletes power, faith

gives wings for the soul's

elevation. ~T.F. Hodge



T.F. Hodge was born February 3, 1969, on the west side of Los Angeles, California. A 1970s star-child, he struggled with reading and writing while attending grammar school at Coliseum Street Elementary.

Although creative and mathematical challenges were easily conquered, fearing he might embarrass himself, he would occasionally act out whenever called on to read aloud in class by his teacher. 

Motivated by his passion for sports, this once promising high school amateur athletic all-star realized his calling to write after winning second place in his first essay-writing contest as a senior at Dorsey High School. "Had it not been for athletics, I probably would have found a way to stay out of school as much as possible. In my mind, at the time and in my limited thinking, the dream of one day becoming a professional athlete was the only priority worth pursuing." 

Inspired and challenged by his high school advanced placement English teacher, his football coach and others in his community; the young student-athlete, who did just enough to maintain a 'C' average to play ball, earned eleven 'A's and one 'B' during his senior year. Finally convinced he could hang with the academic crowd, the jock, at the last minute, found enough courage to apply for college.

Though accepted to California State University, Long Beach to study psychology, after two years there, he found himself on a train headed to San Diego, California to become "one of the few, the proud - the Marines". Having successfully earned the title, he later decided to study graphic design communications at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and Philosophy at California State University, Dominguez Hills.  

Haunted by his past, his fear of what the future might produce, and the anxiety of not achieving the same level(s) of success he once did on the playing field, primarily, he simply shelved his dreams and aspirations of playing professional baseball, to jump head first into the job market. Coming home every day after work without a sense of fulfillment that seemed to duck and dodge his constant pursuit of success, he settled for a career working with at-risk youth.

As a high school football, baseball and basketball coach and athletic skills & techniques trainer, and group home case worker, he finally connected with his longing for a more fulfilling experience. Returning to his junior high school alma mater - Audubon, to present at annual Career Day, Hodge was recruited by another former English teacher to join the school district as a classified employee.

Ultimately, after earning multiple promotions, he resigned as former senior assistant to the offices of The Budget Director, Deputy Chief and Chief Financial Officer(s) of the second largest school district in the United States (Los Angeles Unified School District), to begin a new career as an independent contractor working in the TV/film industry.  

From Within I Rise is his first book, describing a long and oftentimes tumultuous journey to greater becoming while growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles.

His [true] story of triumph over death and conscious encounters with "The Divine Presence" is one that is riveting, provocative, motivating, inspiring and educational. 

"An excellent read for at-risk youth, student-athletes and their families!"

Some of the most original, creative thoughts have been born by this giant of a spiritual being. The bearer of originality, idealism and cosmic consciousness, Hodge's depth of human understanding is self-evident.  

From the underworld to the corporate conference room, he has witnessed and experienced the best and worst of what life can be growing up in the hood. He's a survivor, pioneer, friend, guide, artist, free-thinker, teacher and protector. A man of Godly expression, T.F. Hodge has survived the negative effects and harshness of family divorce, street violence, self-doubt, anger, fear and more than a few encounters with death.  

His story is full and uplifting. "We joke and call him many things, but he is indeed one who has submitted to self, internal, and the will of divinity [God/The Divine Presence/Source]."

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A true story: 'From Within I Rise' by T.F. Hodge. Riveting, provocative, enlightening and inspiring!

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