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Divine intelligence calls forth humans for a specific reason and the journey within allows one to answer the most important question during their incarnation...


"What is my purpose in life?" 


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(eBook)From Within I Rise by T.F. Hodge

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   A [true] story of spiritual victory over deathly negative episodes and lifesaving

   encounters with The Divine Presence (God/Source), this self help revelation is   

   powerful and inspiring!  A secret held for over twenty years has finally resulted in this

   long awaited expression of love for God, self, nature and humanity.  From spoiled man

   child, to gangster men affiliate, to [true] self realization—the experience of triumph over

   one’s own understanding is full with the miracle of redemption and mental

     transformation; leading to a new life of prosperity and well-being. 


   A former public school district colleague wrote:

  “Thanks for blessing me with your manuscript.  I

   always knew you were cool, but I had no idea how thoughtful, insightful and

   provocative you are.  I agree wholeheartedly with you that our thoughts and attitudes

   determine our fates.  Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.  Keep up the good

   work—two thumbs up!” [Frank Mitchell -L.A. Unified School District]



Excerpts from T.F. Hodge's Riveting True Story:


"Thus far in my (life) experience of cause and affect I’ve experienced far too many traumatic and dramatic episodes directly related to negative, or inappropriate, thought processes.  No doubt we are, in essence, what we think, feel and therefore manifest into this so-called reality; an illusional matrix perceived as ‘life.’  With deliberate intent to instantly transform a life cycle of preventable and unwanted self solicited, negative life threatening episodes from continuing, I must, at this time, tell what must to be told..."  [page 9]

"Although I was having an out-of-body, seemingly, supernatural experience my floating spirit remained approximately close to the physical body/flesh that had encased my energetic being thus far.  As I, supported by divine love in defiance of gravity, floated a few feet just above the body which lay below, I was being overwhelmingly loved—by The Great Spirit Energy!  There, while all the earthly panic and chaos ensued, I..."  [page 12]

"While others spoke of limitations, their collective energy was not strong enough to allow me to accept their limited good intended suggestions.  In fact, I recall not feeling good as I heard their limiting discussions, as I perceived them to be.  As I focused on clearly visualizing my performance in practice and in the game (intercepting passes, tackling running backs, harassing wide receivers, throwing out base runners, steeling bases, etc.) the universe began..."  [page 17]

"Born February 3, 1969, the same period other powerfully destructive human energies, unknown to me, were co-creating, I was blessed with the benefit of being raised by two loving parents who taught and insisted I avoid elements—in the street—that would lead me to a life filled with misery and unwanted experiences.  Among many concerns, my mother in particular, was most bothered by the growing numbers of gangs and street violence that was being reported on the cultural grapevine as early as the mid 1970s.  My oldest sister..."  [page 22]

"Pops was the youngest son, and one of nine siblings.  After dropping out of school in the eighth grade to help work the fields with Granddaddy in Arizona, Senior later enlisted in the U.S. Army and eventually made his way to Los Angeles, California where he met and later married my beautiful mother and her two children.  Moms was from Cleveland, Ohio by way of Gary, Indiana and Memphis, Tennessee.  Pops held down a full-time job, initially as a custodian and later retiring as the supervising maintenance engineer, at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He also..."  [page 25]

"All four of the shooters were intent on hitting the back of my car, specifically where the gas tank was located, with bullets and buck-shots, in hopes of causing my car to explode.  During the chase down a back road along side the railroad tracks on Exposition boulevard, I focused on my emotional, desperate wanting—to stay alive!  As soon as my desire was emotionally broadcast into the universe, the answer..."  [page 30]

"I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve eaten meals and spent nights at their house back in the day.  I knew their extended family, in Texas and in L.A.  In addition to my mothers cooking, some of the best food in the world was consumed at their house, on Buckingham Road.  Accepting what I knew wasn’t a dumb joke, I yelled at the top of my lungs and cried from way down deep in the pit of my being.  I threw my cell phone down, violently, and immediately thought of a host of the worst kinds of retaliation.  If Big Ced hadn’t been there to support and physically restrain me,..."  [page 37]

"I’m certain many of my decisions, along the way, seemed strange, and perhaps even inappropriate to some.  Fortunately though, I’m glad I listen to the beat of the internal drum.  No matter how many books I read or advisers I allowed myself to consult with, at the end of the day, none of these elements could truly teach me; only life experience can do that.  I always knew that without risk I could never expand beyond limitation(s)..."  [page 44]

"The caller introduced himself as Mr. Leduff.  He explained that the budget director was in need of an assistant for the summer and offered me a temporary position.  Although I was excited to be getting a call to continue working, I was a bit surprised, I guess, because I had never expected to be called to work anywhere other than at school sites.  I’d heard of the 'Beaudry' building on the hill, but it wasn’t described in the best of terms.  In other words, 'the hill' was where the budget cuts originated.  Furthermore, it was a place that didn’t house students.  It was a..."  [page 57]

"So after resigning from L.A. Unified I made one more pit-stop at another city job, briefly, on my way to the TV/film industry.  There, I would discover greater things about myself and the freedom and power of creating with deliberate intent.  The overwhelming majority of the productions I worked on were for the Hallmark channel.  The last industry I’d ever thought I’d be working for was film/TV production.  Be that as it may, as always, I trusted where the spirit lead me.  I had no idea how long my time would last, but I was willing to fully embrace this particular episode of my walk toward becoming.  Like any other industry, or job, I met..."  [page 63]

"'C. Mimszo' and I hadn’t seen or spoken to one another in several months; actually sense my birthday, February 3, 2008 — Superbowl Sunday.  For those of you who are NFL (National Football League) fans, Chris Mims, who’s lifeless body my friend D. Mack and I discovered on the morning of October 15, 2008, was the former San Diego Chargers defensive lineman..."  [page 65]

"There is absolutely no sense in discovering new things, especially with regard to who you truly are, and not value yourself enough to consider expanding, as does all that is in alignment with the ultimately unknowable Great Spirit that dwells within you, me and everything we can see and not see with our limited perception.  If you can, or are at least willing to look into yourself, beyond the [false] self that you have..."  [page 72]

"One of the most intimate relationships is the one we have with the [true] self. There cannot be intimacy with the [false] egoic self because it is not ‘real’; it is an illusion.  We take either of these identities (one true, one false) into every aspect of our being, including into intimacy with another.  Most of us, unfortunately, bring the (negative) false, artificial, self into intimacy with another entity.  What is a common question most of us ask, when we meet someone we are attracted to, for the first time?  More often than not, even before asking about name identification, we ask,..."  [page 77]

"For what you fear losing shall indeed depart from you, even after killing to keep it yours.  Contemplate, meditate and expect to receive that which is already yours.  No one can prevent you from receiving that which has already been divinely awarded to you—unless you allow it!  Negative thinking, by far, will always result in a ‘crap-out’ (or cop-out).  No matter what bad, negative, evil, dishonest, inappropriate or shameful experiences you’ve survived thus far, or are challenged with today, in a single instant..."  [page 83]





"Hello, I just finished reading your book. It's an interesting, riveting, and provocative perspective that has been a true blessing. You are a beautiful man who has certainly been tested by family divorce, gang violence, death, and negative energetic episodes. Due to your strong and eye opening perspectives about God, spirituality, consciousness, faith and the illusion of the perception of fear and suffering, I'm sure your readers will appreciate hearing your incredibly powerful testimony. As a single mom, it's the best help for those struggling to deal with life's challenges; particularly pertaining to 'at risk' youth and manifesting positive outcomes. I am not a book reader, but I couldn't put it down once I got started! I also read your online article about "Michael Jackson: Cosmic Alien" - awesome! Please keep writing and find a way to make your book into a movie!"

R. Gates - Antelope Valley, CA (Thankful Foster Mom)


"Even though I am only 20 pages into your book, I'm amazed at your insight and sensitivity to life and 'The Giver of life'. I could just picture you in your powder blue dress suit in church (smile). Man, your outlook on what happened to you, so tragically, and your just plain FAITH was simply off the map. The Scripture says that "without Faith it's impossible to please God." The Father, the Giver of Life, must be very pleased with you. Just know that I'm enthralled with your story. I can't wait to get back to it. It was a very generous gift and a gift of love, which now that I'm getting to know you, doesn't surprise me one bit."

Jerry L. Masters - Jackson, MS (Rock-N-Roll Icon, Recording Engineer)


"I just finished reading your book. Thank you for sharing! I am counting on another one of these from you. I feel like I need to give you a big hug, especially after reading about your birthdays as a little kid. I remember you telling me about that, a long time ago. What I found most insightful was your section on Intimate Relationships, talking about the 'egoic' self. For someone who's never thought about that concept (speaking about me), I found myself whispering, "wow, sounds familiar." Because you are who you are, T, your words make a person look deep down into the soul."

V. Reyes - California (Huge Fan)


"I thoroughly, thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed reading your book! There were sooooo many pages I went back and highlighted and underlined and made notes on. Your writing ability is ridiculous (impeccable to me). You took me through a range of emotions, and you have so much truth in your writings; it's just pure divine! You make the reader feel as though they're on the journey with you, but at the same time reflect about themselves as well. Everything you wrote about I was feeling you, from A to Z. Never once did I not comprehend where you were coming from...point blank, period!"

M. Flemister - Atlanta, Georgia Paralegal


"A world of respect for you and your discipline; day after day writing, expressing, telling and sharing your knowledge, which in someway will help someone! I scanned your profile as I saw you passed through mine and I will visit again, and hopefully read your hard work. To be able to bounce back is a gift, and with that gift, be able to produce something and leave it behind is a blessing from God. We are so lost in the material, the spiritual is forgotten, and the most important of realms treated with no respect and importance by many. Everything I have is on loan and I, too have been given the gift of giving. My inner is way stronger than my outer. My inner cries for the outer and it is a lonely place when your 3rd eye is open, and you are surrounded by people who are blind, but with capabilities of a perfect vision - yet too ignorant to see! Thanking God every now and again, my energy crosses with others and refreshes my senses. God bless you, I hope, further on your journey."

Sam (Chacie) - Italy (Online Social Networker)


"I read the excerpts from your manuscript, and I am looking forward to reading it all. I plan on purchasing your book. You are a very insightful and intelligent person, who seems to be in touch with your spiritual side. I personally believe that the Creator (God) has a plan for us all, and everything happens for a reason. I am one who is very much in tune with the Creator, and I try to live my life in a manner that is pleasing unto him. I really enjoy reading your comments and blogs. I am quite impressed by you on all levels."

Kat Luv - Kansas City, MO (Online Social Networker)


"Thanks for blessing me with your manuscript. I always knew you were cool, but I had no idea how thoughtful, insightful and provocative you are. I agree wholeheartedly with you that our thoughts and attitudes determine our fates. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. Keep up the good work - two thumbs up!"

Frank Mitchell - L.A. Unified School District (Former Colleague)


"I meant to tell you I got your book; really enjoyed it. Keep it up!"

Mashon Miller – Los Angeles, CA (Realtor – Rodeo Realty)


"I love you, T. Hodge. You're a beautiful friend and have been there and taught me a lot. You are a 'G' in my eyes!"

I. Tanner – Antelope Valley (God's Young Soldier)





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